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Yogalehrerin 600h YTT Anusura

Often, we search externally for that which brings us joy, meanwhile, everything we're searching for is
already within us, and it is the realization of this that is brought to light in a class guided by Sherry.
We will also cultivate, together through the connection to Breathwork, Centering, Heart themes,
Mantras, and Asanas, a deeper relationship with one's interior world. Sherry understands that Yoga
must not be practiced to control the body, but rather to bring freedom to it. Inspired by Anusara Yoga,
we work with simple yet effective Awareness Actions that allow us to listen to the wisdom of the
body and create freedom within, while helping to guide the body into alignment and ourselves with
the present moment. Sherry's classes are designed to accommodate all levels.

"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy."


Sherry's love of travel brought her to Switzerland over 20 years ago when she decided to leave her
motherland, Canada, in search of an adventure. Little did she know... her adventure would turn into a
never-ending one, as it was here that she met her life partner with whom she continues to raise four

Sherry has completed over 600 hours in Yoga Teacher Trainings, and her desire for knowing and self-
discovery is and will continue to be a part of her journey in this lifetime.


Die Stunden von Sherry findest Du auf dem Stundenplan. Profitiere von einer vergünstigten Schnupperstunde und tauche ein in die Welt von Yoga & Mehr.

+41 78 721 42 70

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