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Mal was Neues ausprobieren? In unseren Community Klassen kannst Du einfach vorbeikommen und unser Angebot unverbindlich testen!

Donation based class for 'SAVE THE CHILDREN'

Join me on Sunday, December 10th, at Downdog Yoga - St. Jakobstrasse 39, 8004, for a donation-based charity class.

100% of the proceeds will benefit Save the Children, an organisation dedicated to addressing the unique needs of children affected by armed conflicts for over a century. Children bear no responsibility for initiating wars but often suffer the consequences of violence. Today, more than one in six children worldwide live in war zones, a reality we should never accept as normal.


Let's come together for a powerful afternoon hatha class. We'll work up a sweat, foster a sense of community, move our bodies, nurture our minds, all while contributing to a meaningful cause close to our hearts. 


Pre-registration is necessary. Payment can be made in class with cash or Twint, and a charity donation receipt will follow via email.

Happy to meet you on the mat!

Sophie - Soasana Yoga



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